Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24th, 2017

This week, we learned all about healthy habits.

With the 2017 Plague of Sacred Heart sweeping through, infecting half our student body with the flu, we took the opportunity to launch our new theme by deep cleaning the classroom.

We also filled our library...

...which allowed us to conduct some preliminary research.

We discussed health facts, reflecting on what we already know and what we would want to learn throughout the unit.

A major component of our lessons this week was focused on learning how to wash our hands.

To help solidify the reasoning for frequent washing, we carried out a fun science project of attempting to grow bacteria colonies in petri dishes.  We touched the nutrient agar before washing hands...

...and then we washed.

Next, we tested our clean hands in a separate dish.

For added fun, I also tested the sink handles before and after cleaning with antibacterial wipes.

Test results are inconclusive so far.  We'll know by next week which petri dishes grew more bacteria colonies.

To help understand germs and bacteria, we invited Ms. Tatiana, a board certified biologist, to come in and answer questions.

Then, we played a germy math game.

This week, we also learned about our whole body health.  We examined bones...

...looked at x-rays....

...and we explored the tools doctors and dentists use.

We also thoroughly discussed healthy eating habits and sorted/counted foods by their colors.

Enlisting the help of teachers from Pioneer Day School from two streets down, we had a fun movement experience that incorporated yoga, a parachute, and (best of all) bubbles.

And we kept on washing!

Finally, as our lessons closed, we reflected on what we've learned this week.

By Friday, we were able to present some of our information to our 2-year-old classroom...

...and give some hand washing lessons.

It's been a good week!