Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28th, 2014

N is for Nest!

On Monday, my students were introduced to the letter, "N".  We practiced writing the letter in sand and rice, then we made our N-Nests.

n is for noodles!

Later in the week, they had an opportunity to create their n-noodles.

This week, we also wrapped up our Arctic unit.  Reading through a couple of traditional Inuit tales, my students took special note of their clothing and way of life.

Then we made our own people!

The later part of this week was very, very rainy and we were indoors quite a bit.  No problem, though!  We busied ourselves with homemade playdough...

...shaving cream finger-painting...

...and handprint art!

As a whole group, we also watched an iTunes early release of Disney's, "Frozen".  This wound up being a sing-along as nearly every child already knew the words to every song.

Meanwhile, in Miss Gabriella's class, they worked on their circle paintings...

...and laced their letter M-Mittens!

Miss Kim's class enjoyed circle time and made their letter A's.

And Ms. Rebecca's 2-year-olds had fun working together drawing and creating playdough masterpieces.

We have fun in preschool!

Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21st, 2014

After Valentines, my classroom began our new unit on the Arctic.  We'll be examining the animals that live there, the habitat, the Inuit people, igloos and the Northern Lights.  To start, over the course of 3 days this week, my students all helped construct an igloo out of sugar cubes.

Our finished product looked almost like the real thing, right?  :)

This week we also viewed many beautiful photographs of Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.  While perhaps we didn't discuss geomagnetic storms in the earth's magnetospere, the children did understand that this phenomenon can occasionally be seen in the arctic.  This picture was our favorite since it included the light show and an igloo.

To celebrate, we made our own Northern Lights.  We mixed various shades of greens, blues, purples and yellows.  Then, we rolled them out. 

This week we also learned that M is for Mops!

This is how we mop the floor, mop the floor, mop the floor...

We finger-painted M's in shaving cream, and we fished out M-objects in our surprise boxes.

Meanwhile, in Ms. Rebecca's classroom, they enjoyed some quality time in their library!

We love preschool!

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!  This morning, just for our viewing pleasure, a plane drew a heart in the sky as we walked in from recess.  Thank you, heart plane!

This week we visited our favorite place, the Grossmont Gardens Retirement Community.  We sang Valentines songs, worked on art crafts, and decorated cupcakes.  It was a wonderful time that has been cherished by the residents.  In fact, we plan on visiting for the 3rd time around Easter.

"Decorating the cupcakes was my favorite part!"

This week we also prepared for Valentines.

These are my hands. 
My hands will do
A thousand loving things with you
And you will remember
When I am tall
That once my hands
Were just this small.

On the 14th, we passed out our Valentines cards...

 ...we decorated cookies and had a Valentines party!

We all had fun!

We love preschool!

Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7th, 2014

Coming back to school Monday, the 3rd, we celebrated a belated Groundhog Day.  We learned about the annual tradition and then watched the video from the devoted website,

In Phil's own words:
"A Super Bowl winner I will not predict, but my weather forecast you cannot contradict.  Why that's not a football but my shadow I see.  Six more weeks of winter it must be."

Six more weeks of 65-70° San Diego weather will be difficult to bear, but we did make groundhog day hats to commemorate the holiday.  

On Monday, we marked another special event.  Miss Kim's class opened this week for the younger 3-year-old's!  This is our 4th classroom launched due to our increased enrollment, a very happy occasion indeed!

This week we got straight to the business of love. 

We learned that the letter Ll is for the story of the lion and the lamb.  What better lesson in love?

We made handprints...

...we made handprint hearts.

 We painted pictures of our loved ones, too.  

Sons of Diocese

We love preschool!