Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22nd, 2018

We did it!  We completed our school year!  We did so much in 2017-18, and we did it all together.

We saw Santa together.

We looked at our ladybugs together.

We made applesauce together.

We read sentence strips together.

We played with our Nutcrackers together.

We looked for lower-case letter i's in How the Grinch Stole Christmas together.

We celebrated Dia de los Muertos together.

We played tennis together.

We tasted lemons together.

We built letters together.

We painted our portraits together.

We watched our ant farm together.

We performed long jumps together.

We carved pumpkins together.

We observed pine cones together.

We counted bugs together.
Andrew Dice Clay style.

We stirred gingerbread cookie ingredients together.

We decorated and ate our gingerbread cookies together.

We fed monsters together.

We held our caterpillars together.

We watched our tornado bottles together.

We listened to the ocean together.

We wore helicopter helmets together.

We smelled our basil together.

And we were construction workers together.

We don't want to forget our Pioneer Day School friends!  They were such a big part of our school year and we did so much together as well!

And we don't want to forget our class pets!
We loved our caterpillars together.

We loved our worms together.

We loved our baby chicks together.

And we have definitely loved our dragons together.

And we don't want to forget our teachers!
We walked through the community with Ms. Christina together.

We learned Spanish with Ms. Laura together.

And we've presented our research projects with yours truly together.

It's been a good year, my graduating class of 2018!

For those who have already exited Sacred Heart, you are sorely missed.  For those of you who leave at the end of the month, you will be sorely missed.  For those of you who get to stay throughout the summer, I'll see you bright and early Monday morning!