Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 30th, 2018

Welcome to summer!

This first week of our summer curriculum, we examined oceans and sea life.

We filled our library of awesomeness...

got out the sea creatures...

and listened to the ocean our sea shells.

Decorating our classroom (yes, before we move classrooms in a week), we studied the coral reef and created beautiful, colorful fish...

to hang on our coral reef wall.

Finally, we carefully sponge-painted sand...

glued on mosaic water...

and made brown footprints...

to decorate our door.

Continuing our math lessons, we used counting goldfish as manipulatives...

and seashells.

We also worked with shapes as we put together (what turned out to be) a very difficult puzzle...

and we were really proud of ourselves when it was successfully completed.

We used our geometric boards...

and we carefully studied the shapes of sea shells.

We also closely examined star fish.

Joining us for ocean lessons on Wednesday was our baby chicks.  They visited us one last time before they went to their new farm in Descanso.  We'll miss them, but we'll get updated pictures as they grow up to be hens and roosters.

We won't be together for the 4th of July, so we had to celebrate it a little early in KP2.  

Making fresh whipped cream, we first learned that all you actually need to do is whip the cream.

Then, we spread it on as frosting.

Next were the strawberry stripes.

And, last, the blueberry stars.  We went a little outside our field of stars box since the kids were adamant that every blueberry be used.

VoilĂ !  KP2 flag cake!

It was so good, plates were licked clean.

Friday couldn't get here fast enough, though!  This was our summer's first official Friday beach day!

It was overcast and a little bit chilly, but the kids couldn't have cared less as we excitedly walked down to the beach...

and had a cupcake snack.

Then we played in the sand...

and buried one another.

We also got to play in the water.

We finished our day spent at the beach with a rolled taco lunch from Nico's.

The day was incredible and everyone napped!

It was a wonderful week and it will be a wonderful summer!
Enjoy the holiday!!!