Friday, July 28, 2017

July 28th, 2017

These last weeks, we learned all about cooking.

Launching our unit, we started with cheese and held a very formal tasting.
Some were a little suspicious.

But, all were interested.

Popular cheeses included the triple cream brie, cheddar, and Swiss.

But, most did not care for the Humboldt Fog goat cheese.

Using our various cheeses (with the exception of the Humboldt Fog which was unanimously axed), we also got started on a big dish of mac & cheese.
We grated...

and we stirred...

While it was baking, we also watched a video of how some cheeses are made.

And made a little macaroni art.

Finally, it was done by lunch time!  We all agreed it was the best macaroni & cheese in the history of macaroni & cheese.

Throughout our week, we also celebrated Splash Day...

and Library Day.

Another cooking opportunity we had was Stone Soup day.  We read the book and then we made a KinderPrep version of Stone Soup (AKA lentil soup).

We also got a little creative with our own recipes.

But, we couldn't just have soup.  We needed a salad, too.  But, not just any salad.
KinderPrep Garden Salad!

Soup and salad for lunch on this day!

On Friday, the 28th, we celebrated Miss Michelle's last day as we prepared to say goodbye to her.  This was incredibly difficult to do, but we're so happy for Miss Michelle.
We couldn't just send her off in any old way, however.  
We needed to send her off KinderPrep Style.

Spending an epic day at the beach!

Then, going to lunch at Pizza Port!

You will be sorely missed, Miss Michelle!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14th, 2017

Summer time
And the livin' is easy.

Now that it's summer, things move a little bit slower around here.  We also cherish our last bit of time together before kindergarten.

Preparing for another epic season, we first painted our new door.

This wasn't just meant to be cutesy, however.  Very literally, we're headed to the beach!

We also prepared to celebrate July 4th by making a flag cake.
We mixed all the ingredients together...

...and we only dropped a few eggshells.

Once we had our sheet cake, we got started on our whipped cream.

And we whipped it.  Whipped it good.

Finally, it was time to decorate.

VoilĂ ! Preschool Flag Cake

Another special thing we only get to do in the summer is visit the library for super cool performances.

Really, it's comedy hour for preschoolers.

Then, of course, there's our weekly Splash Day.

This isn't to suggest we haven't done anything academic, however.
We've practiced writing...

we've practiced following written instruction.

One big project we completed was building a car.
First, we examined some sample materials.

Then, we planned out how we could use those materials to build a car (paying close attention to key parts; wheels, body, headlights, rear lights, side mirrors, license plates, etc.)...

and presented our ideas to one another.

Later in the week, we devoted a day to build our cars.

The level of collaboration, eagerness to help one another, and generosity was astounding.  

It was one of those days that truly demonstrate what a hugely successful year we've had.

Once the assembling of the vehicles was complete, we gathered together...
...for a drive-in movie.

Because it's summer and summers are the best ever.