Friday, December 13, 2013

December 13th, 2013

We've had a super busy, fun-filled couple of days in preschool!  We ended last week by walking in the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade on Saturday, Dec. 7th.  This is actually one of my favorite events of the year and, even though it was cold and rainy, we had a wonderful time!

Meanwhile, in class, we worked hard.  Ms. Rebecca's students completed their candy canes, Christmas trees, and Rudolph's.

My class dictated their letters to Santa.  Some highlights include...
 "Dear Santa:  May I have a cool gingerbread house with a gingerbread family?  I help with my baby brother and eat all of my dinner.  I've been a good boy.  Thank you!"  

"Dear Santa: May I have some Barbie dolls that I don't already have? I don't need anymore boy Barbies 'cause I have enough already.  Thank you!"

Miss Gabriella's class also worked on their messages to Santa.  
"Dear Santa:
I have been a good boy.  I know you are busy.  Can you please bring me a little car?"

"Dear Santa:
I wrote you a list and sent it to you.  My favorite thing on it is blue roller skates."

In preparation for tonight's "slumber party", Miss Gabriella's class joined mine and together we made gingerbread cookie dough.  Later, we rolled the dough flat, cut out gingerbread men, baked them, and then decorated the cookies at the party.

Eventually, we had enough cookies to feed an army.

Our slumber party this evening was a huge success... so I hear.  My son was actually not feeling well, so the party had to go on without Leonard and me.  Not to fear, Ms. Suzie, Ms. Rebecca, Miss Gabriella, Miss Kim, and Miss Jaclyn were all there for the fun.  We had some preteen helpers, too!  

We work hard in preschool!

Although, even as we care and walk our pet pandas, we never forget to have fun!

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