Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19th, 2014

This week, we got down to business.  Alligator business...

...and apple business.

While we've briefly worked with our interactive white board before, this Monday was the first time we really used it for a group learning tool.  As we rotated through small group time, each student had an opportunity to participate in some high-tech "Aa" listening, visual recognition and writing activities. 

We also got low-tech and practiced writing in sand...

...and with paper and pencil.  We're a well-balanced bunch.

As we learned the letter "Aa", we've also been examining apples this week.  We grouped and counted them...

...dissected and stamped them...

...wore them on our Johnny Appleseed tin pot hats...

...and made applesauce with them.

Actually, we really had fun with that!  Thanks to a Great News Cookware gift card given to me from my last class at graduation, I am now the proud owner of the coolest apple peeler this side of the San Diego River.  Everyone had fun peeling their apple...

...especially Miss Lauren and Miss Rachel.

Now, I explained to my students that my last Spanish course was taken back the 1900's (senior year, 1998).  But, I do enjoy teaching preschool Spanish lessons and retained just enough to read and create simple books and rhymes.  Four and five-year-olds are also very forgiving.

Una manzana roja para Lauren,
una grande para mi.
Una manzana amarilla para Rachel,
una manzana verde para ti.

This Friday also marked our first show-n-tell.  For our "Aa" theme, we had an alligators, accessories, an apron, Alfie the robot, autobots, an armadillo, Ariel, Anna, and some things amazing and/or awesome.  It was a good show-n-tell.

In fact, it's always a good day in preschool.