Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 23rd, 2015

N is for Nest!

This week we learned about the letter Nn

...and we started our unit on weather.

We first studied clouds.  Reading It Looked Like Spilt Milk, we observed how clouds take lots of shapes.

Then, we made our own clouds.

We also had a chance to study how warm water will rise up into the the cold sky (or a plate of ice cubes) and create droplets.

This week, we met Mr. Kyle, a preschool music teacher we hope to incorporate into our program on a weekly basis.

To further emphasize our number recognition, we built a community of cars (each one being numbered 1-20).  They had a chance to drive around, then ultimately wind up in their designated parking stall (also marked 1-20).

It's a good thing I went into the child development industry rather than urban development.  My poorly designed streets ran into one another and created terrible collisions and nonstop gridlock.

Thursday we read Strega Nona, a humorous story about a noodle pot that wouldn't stop boiling noodles.
n is for noodles!

Then, we made our n-noodles...

...and fished out numbers from noodles.

Working with the __IT word family, we had fun with our take-home book.

Miss Corinna also had fun experimenting with swirling-whirling colors.

Because, why can't we make a rainbow swirling-whirling storm cloud?

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