Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16th, 2015

This week, we learned all about the letter Ee.
E is for Elephant!
E is actually a really challenging letter.  As a vowel, the sound is difficult to hear and the lower-case e can be hard to write.  So, we practiced often this week.

We also constructed our e-eggs...
e is for egg!
and read Green Eggs and Ham together.

We found Ee's with our dot stamps...

and had fun with e-themed show-n-tell.

While working on our E's, we also closely examined spiders this week.  Learning about their sticky webs, we experimented with the fact that spiders have oily legs which allow them to glide across their own webs without getting caught.

Then, we painted some of our own with water colors.

We practiced some number recognition and counting with spiders...

and we made handprint spiders...

to create a classroom website.

We work hard!

But, we're super cute while doing it.

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