Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26th, 2017

These last two weeks, we've celebrated farms.

We started our new unit discussing what we already knew and what else we'd like to learn.

Then, we explored our new library of books to begin discovering some of those answers.

Breaking up into 8 teams, each group began to research a farm animal.

The chicken team...

the goose team...

the dog team...

the sheep team...

the cat team...

the pig team...

the cow team...

and the horse team.

We worked hard at making our animal masks...

which came in handy when they doubled as a wall decoration.

We also practiced some scissor use...

to decorate our door.

Throughout the week, we wrote farm words...

counted and made clay animals...

and fine-tuned our written number skills.

Then, we put some of our research to good use...

by making a classroom set of informational books.

We had fun reading them aloud.

By the end of the week, we had completed our first research project that incorporated all of our subject areas.  We dictated and wrote complete thoughts and sentences, we studied life sciences, we drew our subjects, and we even honed in on our geometry skills as we free-handedly cut out squares, rectangles and triangles for our barns.

By the next week, we read The Little Red Hen.  Using a combination of already familiar word families and pictures, we completed sentences.
"Who will help me bake the bread?"
"Not I", said the rat.
"Not I", said the cat.
"Not I", said the pig.
"Not I", said the cow.
"Not I", said the dog.
"Not I", said the goat.

Then, after already having practiced addition sentences, we were introduced to subtraction sentences.
Hen style.

Since we were reading about baking bread, we had to get the hands-on experience, too. 

Gotta make sure to punch the dough!

Finally, we were finally ready to present our research projects to our families.  We were incredible!

I'd say it's been a good two weeks!

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