Friday, April 6, 2018

April 6th, 2018

This week, we celebrated spring and our springtime garden.

Our first order of business was to spring out the classroom.

Using our library of awesomeness, we started our unit by reading about gardening in the spring...

and we made careful observations while examining our clovers we planted on St. Patrick's Day.

Agreeing that we should grow a salad, we concluded that we needed water, sun, and soil for our garden.

With a plan of action, we got our hands dirty.

Real dirty.

We used half our garden bed for seeds, planting the "Three Sisters"; corn, beans, and squash.  The Thanksgiving living garden will be the 2018 class gift to my 2019 students.

On the other half of the bed, we planted baby vegetables that will grow the rest of spring (to eat in the summer).

And we watered!

No garden is complete without worms, though!  Our worm lesson is always the highlight of the unit.

We also reviewed washing our hands.  Thoroughly.

Some opted out of holding the worms and were content to look through a worm book instead.

We even played worm math games!

And learned worm in Spanish.

We studied the letter U...

And had a show-n-tell with a ukulele, map of Utah...

and unicorns!

Throughout the week, we also learned some poetry.

Then, we wrote some poetry of our own.

On Friday, we had ourselves a legit poetry reading!

With bongos! 
I really got into the bongos.

Spring is awesome, Daddy-O!

We also spent our time yoga-ing with our friends from Pioneer...

And parachuting.

We love Pioneer!

Kinderprep Kinderprep, how does your garden grow?

With basil leaves...

and wormy things.

And adorable kids all in a row.

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