Saturday, October 13, 2018

October 12th, 2018

These last two weeks, we've celebrated all things fall!

Our first order of business was to fall out the classroom.

We got out our scarecrows...

our pine cones and acorns...

and our corn.

We also learned that C is for corn.

We learned about fall leaves.

In Spanish, too.

And we used water colors to paint our own beautiful fall leaves.

We also practiced using scissors, fall style.

Finally, it was pumpkin time!

We painted pumpkins...

counted pumpkins...

made clay pumpkins...

built letter C's with pumpkins (or calabazas)...

and learned Cinco Calabacitas (The Five Little Pumpkins).

Our highlight of the week, however?  Visiting the pumpkin patch!

Once we were back in the classroom, it was time to dissect pumpkins as we learned about their different parts!

We also roasted the seeds.

In between all of this, we made time for our Pioneer friends, too.

We also learned about the letter Dd...

and we earned extra credit when we packed D's in our lunch!

But, our next favorite part of the week was making pumpkin bread using the cut up pieces from the day before.

It was a little late due to a baking malfunction (in which I burned the original loaf).  But, eventually we were able to eat pumpkin bread! 

It's been a good two weeks!

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