Friday, January 11, 2019

January 11th, 2019

This week, we learned all about habits that keep us healthy.

We first filled up our library with all sorts of books...

and talked about what we already knew and what else we'd like to learn.

Then, we conducted some preliminary research.

For a fun science experiment and to gain an understanding of the importance of washing hands, each group was given two petri dishes.  We touched one dish with our dirty hands...

Then, we washed.

Next, we touched the second petri dish with our clean hands.

Finally, we made our predictions about what might happen.

As we waited for germs to grow in our test petri dishes, we bathed our babies...

and provided checkups for them.

And we washed.

We learned about how to keep our bones strong...

and examined x-rays.

And we washed.

We fished for foods...

and classified them by color.

And we washed.

We played some germy math games...

and we looked at germs on the interactive white board.

And we washed...en espaƱol!

We read about sleeping...

and we got good rest.

We exercised with our friends from Pioneer Day School...

and had so much fun!

We love our Pioneer friends.

Soon, it was already time to look at our petri dishes to see if we grew any germs.
(Don't worry!  These were sealed shut.)

At last, we were ready to draw our conclusion.

Armed with all of this knowledge, we prepared to teach KP-1 about habits that keep us healthy.

We taught them about getting enough sleep so that your body can rest and grow.

We taught them about eating healthy foods to give your body the nutrition it needs.

We taught them about exercise to keep your body strong.

And we definitely taught them about washing our hands to keep the germs away.

I think we nailed it this week!

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