Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st, 2013

F is for Frankenstein!!!

This week we studied the letter, "F".  Discriminating the different sounds letters make can be a difficult task and it takes a lot of practice and exposure.  Luckily, Frankenstein helped us out this week.

We also practiced writing the letter.  We used sand trays, whiteboards with markers, and eventually paper and pencil. 

f is for feathers!

For the lower-case f, we made our f-feathers.  I adored watching each child carefully decide which feather went where.  It was absolutely a process.


And, of course, it was Halloween!  Ms. Rebecca dressed up as her classroom's favorite character, Pete the Cat (with her groovy buttons) while Miss Gabriella dressed as The Cat in the Hat.


Who had more fun?  The children... or the teachers?

On Thursday, the children got to come to school dressed in their costumes.  We had a special cookie decorating party - because, obviously, there's not enough sugar consumed on this holiday - and largely spent the day running and laughing.  This includes the teachers, too.

We love preschool!


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