Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9th, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!  This week we talked a lot about our community and community helpers.  As Veteran's Day approached, we focused a lot on those who protect our country.  We also made American flag thank-you cards that will be delivered Monday to some very deserving veterans living at Grossmont Gardens Senior Community. 

I have a collection of picture books to read this month about various careers grown-ups can have. One of our favorites we shared together this week was the book, Ms. Murphy Fights Fires.

We always look forward to P.E. day with Coach Scott Lee!  On Tueday he brought a brand-new parachute that was highly enjoyed by all... especially the teachers who remember being 5 and running through a parachute, too.  A big, big thank-you to our wonderful P.E. teacher.  

Update: And, a big, big congratulations for health he and his wife's healthy baby girl born early Saturday morning!

This week we enjoyed the sunny, warm weather and rode our cars...

...and painted in the sunshine.

Funny story.  We also made a new batch of playdough... which was subsequently rubbed onto one of my student's head.  Not just gently applied, but really smashed deep into his hair.  Sacred Heart Academy Preschool now offers salon services at no extra charge.

We always have fun in preschool!


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  1. Thanks as always for your wonderful blog! Hopefully Jack won't need the SHA Preschool salon anytime soon. ;)