Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28th, 2014

This week my class was introduced to the letter, "R". Getting a head start on Easter, we made our letter R-Rabbits on Monday.

Then we worked in small groups identifying objects that begin with R, recognizing the printed letter, and using fingerpaints to practice writing our own R's.

Also, meet Miss Erika!  She is my new wonderful, brilliant classroom aid every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  We're so lucky to have her!

Fortunately, we had a few sunny mornings this week to conclude our rainbow experiment.  We all collectively agreed that the CDs created the best rainbow, with the bubbles following as a close 2nd place.

And, speaking of rainbows, we had a great time mixing shaving cream, glue and different colored paints to make our puffy rainbow art.

r is for rainbow!

Meanwhile, in Miss Gabriella's class, they created their P-Pete the Cats.  As an entire school, we have adored Pete the Cat since September and Miss Gabriella's students were thrilled to make them.

This week, Miss Kim's class learned all about the letter B, including b is for bubbles!

And, this morning, we celebrated an exciting event - the return of Coach Lee from paternity leave.  His super fun P.E. class resumed and we couldn't be happier...

 ...especially because he needs a babysitter as he coaches!

As a surprise for us, Ms. Suzie turned the empty 2nd grade into a jumpy room!  This space will actually be our next classroom opened - projected by next fall - but it's so much fun in the meantime.

We love preschool!


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