Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7th, 2014

We started off our week by celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday on Monday.  In Ms. Rebecca's classroom, the 2-year-olds created and displayedtheir Cat in the Hat artwork.


At snack time, Ms. Cathy read Green Eggs and Ham as we prepared our special treat...
 eggs and ham!  Despite initial hesitations, it was enjoyed by most.

Back in my class, we played a harrowing game of Dr. Suess Alphabet Twister.

On Wednesday, we observed the 1st day of the Lenten Season by attending the Ash Wednesday Mass.  Father Ron and parish members were delighted to see the whole preschool sitting up in the front and made special preparations just for us.  It's quite an action shot, but we managed to get most of us photographed in front of the parish hall.

Business-wise, my class examined the letter O this week and learned that O is for Octopus...

...and oatmeal!

We worked on number recognition, counting and creating patterns...

...and we planted an herb garden.

We have fun in preschool!

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