Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2nd, 2014

This week we were introduced to the letter U.  Although it was a bit of a stretch (even for me), I loved tying insects and our letter of the week together.  So, we made our U-underground with lots and lots of bugs.

We also created a dirt and bug sensory bin that was a big hit!

This week our science center became a mini entomology laboratory.  We had ladybugs, caterpillars, crickets, numerous roly-polys, and - while maybe they're not insects - we even had snails and a daddy-longleg spider.  However, much to the children's disappointment, we never found a stink bug.  After learning that they smell like dirty socks, shield (stink) bugs became a hot topic in my classroom.

We also held an experiment Tuesday and Wednesday to help discover why spiders don't get caught up in their own sticky webs.  We first created a "web" using yarn and contact paper.  The students each observed how their fingers stick to the paper, just like an insect getting caught in the spider's web.  But, a spider has oily legs that allow it to glide across without getting caught itself.  We added oil (or Aquafor) to our fingertips and compared the difference when feeling the contact paper. 

Totally unrelated, we also made our u-umbrellas...

...and finger-painted.  First we practiced writing the letter U.  Then, we squished the paint in our hands.

We're just too cool for school. 

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