Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8th, 2014

"Thank you for making me a smart cookie!"

It was a week of celebrations!  Catching me by surprise, it was teacher's appreciation week and the whole staff was lavished with flowers, cookies (see cookie-filled jar that reads, "thank you for making me a smart cookie") and coffee!  

It was a wonderful treat and we all thank our families so much!

On Wednesday, we had a beautiful Mother's Day muffin breakfast.

There were so many who joined us, I ran out of room!

In preparation, we all made our Mother's Day cards.  My students made these...

...Miss Gabriella's students made these...

...Miss Kim's class made these...

...and Ms. Rebecca's class made these!

For our regular curriculum, we also made our V-vases...

...and worked hard cutting out our v-vegetables.

We vacuumed, too!

Thank you, everyone, for my birthday well-wishes, cards, gifts, and tremendous show of love.  Sacred Heart is truly a special place!

...and I'm off to San Francisco!  I'll see everyone on Monday after my weekend gettaway!

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