Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th, 2014

It's water week at Sacred Heart!  And, this year, we built a preschool-sized car wash for extra fun!

Our courtyard was thoroughly scrubbed everyday this week by eager students!

But, we didn't just play in the water.  We investigated water, too.

We learned about pond habitats...

...and we made our own pond habitat.

We learned how clouds are formed in the sky, and then made our own puffy clouds (using a mixture of shaving cream and glue). 

We learned about liquids, solids and vapors.  Then, we juiced apples and grapes...

...and froze the juice into ice cubes.  We also had a chance to observe steam rising from a heated tea kettle to help grasp the concept of water vapors. 

Finally, we had a chance to wrap up our ocean theme as we explored the sea habitat. 

It's been a fun week!

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