Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!  Sacred Heart Preschool was busy this week celebrating red, white and blue!

To ensure our fellow OB-cians knew we wished them a happy 4th as well, my class made window sticker collages for them.

We also practiced creating patterns with the red, white and blue foil stars.

To make things super festive, my students got to make their own shaky, glittery, spirally bottles.

We made fireworks, too.

Especially fun this week was our purchase of kinetic sand.  If you haven't felt this stuff already, please visit and do so soon.  It's the most peculiar sensation.  Made from a combination of fine sand and hydroxy-terminated polydimethylsiloxane (I always keep some in my cupboard for those just-in-case situations, don't you?), the sand feels somewhat like silly putty.  It's incredibly interesting.

We also visited Sparkles the Clown at the library on Monday.

Meanwhile, Ms. Rebecca's class was busy preparing for the 4th of July as well.

 On Thursday, she and Ms. Katie helped the students create our 4th annual preschool flag cake.

Actually, this year we made our 4th annual four cakes.  We've grown so big, we couldn't possibly make just one cake anymore.  Miss Kim's class joined the fun...

 did Miss Gabriella's...

...and mine.  Our flag cake is always something I look forward to planning each July.  This time, however, I missed it and Miss Lauren took over like a pro.  Why?

Because my beautiful niece was born.  Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

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