Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17th, 2015

Y is for Yak!

This week, as we celebrated all things Yy, we had fun with yaks.

After we learned what a yak is.

y is for yarn!

We also had an opportunity to play with yarn.

Beginning a new concept this week, we used manipulatives as we explored math sentences and practiced addition problems.  This requires several skills at once; number recognition, decoding mathematical symbols, and the ability to count/group objects.  By the end of our first week, the entire class caught the hang of it and became addition sentence experts.  Next week, we will try out subtraction.  For the remainder of our pre-k school year, we will work hard at developing these skills.

This week, we also wrapped up our unit on insects.  Over several days, we focused on the importance of bees.

We had a chance to see lots of bee and bee keeper pictures...

...we matched honeycomb capital and lower-case letters...

...and we painted them, too.

We're busy bees in our classroom!

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