Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8th, 2016

Coming back to school after Christmas break, we karate kicked through the first week!
K is for Karate Kick!

Learning the letter, "K" is actually very difficult.  The diagonal strokes are not easy to print and it's only as a proficient reader when you learn to discriminate between C and K.  So, we made sure to practice a lot.  With sand, with rubber bands, with magnets, with stories...  

and, finally, on paper.

We eventually mastered the letter (mostly).

Learning about the letter k also gave us a fun opportunity to play with keys.

We carefully smashed them into ink pads...

and stamped them onto our lower-case k's.
k is for key!
El Niño made its debut this week and kept us mostly indoors.

So, we used that as an excuse to squeeze in some yoga time.

In addition to the letter K and preschool yoga this week, we also explored how some animals spend their winter.
We made bear caves...

sifted through pictures of different hibernating animals...

and read The Mitten.

For math, we did a lot of comparing and contrasting...

as we matched pairs this week.

Finally, this week marked the first unit of our word families.  Starting with __AT, we got used to switching the first letter to create the words mat, rat, cat, bat, sat, fat, and hat.

But, we made sure to have fun with it.

It was a good week.  Although, we'll never take playing outside for granted again!

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