Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13th, 2016

These past two weeks, we've celebrated our brand, new garden.

 Last week, we started off by spreading lots of new soil out into our empty planter box.

Then, we carefully planted basil, carrots, lettuce, strawberries, cilantro, tomatoes, mint, rosemary, and parsley.

We also discovered that we love watering!

We didn't do half bad!

In class, we started with a new library of books...

...and new sensory bins.

 Then, we updated our door display and created a flower shop.

Throughout the rest of the week, we spent a lot of time in the flower shop.

We learned about the different parts of a plant...

...we pieced together pictures of fruits and vegetables...

...and we watered.

Carefully breaking and rinsing out eggs (followed by a scrambled egg snack), we planted flower seeds inside... make flower heads.  Hopefully they grow!

We didn't forget about our letter Yy, though.

We made our Y-Yaks...

...once we figured out what a yak was.

We also studied Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and made our take-home books.

Oh, and we watered.

Our absolute highlight of the week, however? Worms!  I brought in 100 composting worms from the Mission Hills Nursery and the kids could not get enough of them.

Worms, worms...
...we love worms.

We even love playdough worms.

Finally, we said goodbye to the worms as we let them do the work that they do best.

And then we watered.

PS.  For my birthday/teacher appreciation day, thank you.  Thank you for all of the beautiful cards, generous gifts, and well-wishes.  It made my year! :)

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