Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14th, 2016

This week, we celebrated all things pumpkin.

We started off by visiting the pumpkin patch on Monday.  It was hot, but it was a great time.

Coming back on Tuesday, we had an opportunity to examine the various pumpkins we brought back with us from the patch.  Some were bumpy, some were smooth.  Some were orange, some were spotty.

After our observations, we reflected on our experiences.

On Wednesday, we dissected some of the pumpkins to learn more about their parts.

We learned that they're gooey.

We saved some of their tops to paint with them as well.

Ode to the Pumpkin.

We didn't forget about our letter Dd, though.  We practiced writing them...

and built them with leftover pumpkin seeds.

We also had our letter Dd show-and-tell.

For math, we counted with acrylic pumpkin manipulatives...

and we counted pumpkin cutouts.  It was definitely a pumpkin-filled week!

For our cooking project, we decided to hold off on the pumpkin bread since we were inspired by the pumpkin soup recipe taught to us by the Pumpkin Patch Lady.

We scooped out a big pumpkin...

really making sure we got it all scraped clean.

We cut up carrots and onions...

and mixed them together.

We added peas...

and stew meat.

Then, we poured in some ready-made beef broth.

Finally, we closed it up and baked for 2 hours.

The end result was pumpkin soup!

It was super yummy!

It was a great week, filled with pumpkins.  Even in our hair.

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  1. I live this blog. Let's us see what really happened in class instead of, "there were pumpkins." Which is all I get from our daughter. Thank you