Friday, March 10, 2017

March 10th, 2017

This week, we celebrated rainbows.

We started our week by making a big batch of rainbow playdough...

...and filled our sensory bin with dyed chickpeas.

Then, we conducted a science experiment where we placed white carnation flowers in dyed rainbow water.  This also gave us an opportunity to learn about mixing colors since the only dye drops I had available were red, blue and yellow.

Finally, we made our predictions.

While we waited the week for our flowers to do something special, we played rainbow math...

...we made rainbow S's...

...we rainbow raced (this is not easy, by the way)...

...and made rainbow art.

We also had a wonderful time making real rainbows.  We used a spray bottle, spraying water into the sunlight...

...we found rainbows in bubbles...

...and we found rainbows in the reflection of a CD.

Actually, we became quite effective at this.

By Friday, we were read to examine our flowers.  They were spectacular!

Then, we drew our conclusions (literally).

We love rainbows at Sacred Heart!

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