Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 29th, 2017

These past two weeks, we've celebrated apples!

And Aa's.

To launch our new unit, the classroom was apple'd out.

And we were ready to start our lessons!

Reading Ten Apples Up on Top, we tried to see how many of our own apples we could get up on top.

We also practiced numbers 1 and 2...

and sorted colors.

Then, we examined the letter Aa.

We got high tech and practiced on the interactive whiteboard...

we got low tech and practiced in sand.

We also practiced with pencil and paper.  We're a well-rounded bunch!

With the objective of learning ABAB patterning, we had a fun and messy project of apple stamping.

This also allowed us to examine the star inside each apple.

Finally, it was time to make applesauce!
Using one of my favorite earthly possessions (second only to my stand mixer), we got to peel a mountain of apples.

We were especially entertained by the slinky shape.

The apples simmered through nap time...

...and eventually we ate it!

We even practiced apple yoga!

The next week, we moved on to letter Bb.

But, we continued learning about apples.

Using our largest apple, we tried to see how many little apples it took to weigh more than the big one.
3 didn't quite do it...

but, 4 did!

Then, we drew our conclusions.  Literally.

We continued to learn about numbers 1 and 2...

and 3 and 4!

We also searched for Aa's and Bb's in our names.

Focusing on the life cycle this week, we learned about the apple from seed to tree.

Ms. Laura gave this week's Spanish lessons, teaching colors rojo (red), aranjardo (orange), amarillo (yellow), verde (green), azul (blue), y morado (purple).  

We also practiced 1-4 on the interactive whiteboard.

For our outside structured activities, we practiced 2-square throughout the week.

Finally, on Friday, we gave our Bb show-n-tell.  We had Barbies, Belle, bubbles, banana bread, beans, things that were beautiful, and so much more!

I'd say we mastered September.


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