Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8th, 2017

What a wonderful first week we've had! 

Returning to school after Labor Day, we spent the majority of the week exploring the classroom and getting to know one another.

We also dabbled in a little bit of small-group work.

On Tuesday, we snapped First Day photos...

took First Day measurements...

read First Day books...

and created First Day drawings.

Later this week, we also carefully painted a self-portrait...

...and discussed what we love best about ourselves.
"I love my eyes because they can see!"
"I love my twisty hair because it's beautiful!"
"I love my feet because they can jump so high.  Like, almost to the sky!"

We also heavily discussed emotions and what we may feel throughout our day.

We talked about feeling happy...

feeling angry...

feeling proud...

feeling sad...

and feeling surprised.

We were totally getting the hang of reading together.

This week, we also launched our new Spanish lessons with Ms. Laura.  Starting with the book Como van a la escuela los dinosaurios? (How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?), Ms. Laura read in both English and Spanish.  Then,we focused on the vocabulary words escuela (school), amigos (friends), niño (boy), niña (girl), maestra (teacher), and hola/adios (hello, goodbye).

We also started on our Friday yoga sessions.

It was a week well deserving a batch of First Week Cookies!

Everyone agreed that we are the best bakers ever!

It was definitely a good week!

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