Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 15th, 2014

We've been camping and picnicking at school this week!

My first order of business was to create Camp Sacred Heart.  Fortunately, a sheet thrown over my laundry drying rack creates an awesome tent!

We learned about camping; activities to do, what to see, equipment to bring, etc.

And then we went on a bear hunt.  We stepped through long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a swirling whirling snowstorm, a big dark forest, and a narrow gloomy cave.

You know, because we couldn't go over it, we couldn't go under it... we had through it.

Going on a bear hunt is always fun.

Something else we experience when we're camping and picnicking?  Ants!

And pine cones.  We had big ones, little ones, long ones, and round ones.  Some were spiky, some were smooth... some still smelled like cinnamon from last Christmas.

We made mud playdough.  Since the color came from a top-secret ingredient (powdered chocolate), it smelled like marvelous mud.

We also made our hand-print campfires.

School-wide, we celebrated a teddy bear picnic.  Now, I realize that we had just gone on a bear hunt, but my interpretation of the storybook is more of a bear search.  And, it looks like we found some!

So did the 2-year-olds!

They also had a great time creating their campfires by stamping with marshmallows.

Miss Gabriella's class made some campfires, too.

And, speaking of Miss Gabriella, a big happy birthday to her!

We're going to go off-roading now... onto the blacktop.

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